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Must-Have Artificial Intelligence Apps and Tools

There is no way we can stop artificial intelligence from learning human ways. It has penetrated almost every bit of the human existence with deep machine learning and algorithm configuration. And the effects of it all leads to one thing: automation.

Automation presents many opportunities for us, but experts suggest it might be the sole reason to sweep 40% of the jobs in the coming 15 years. We had seen this coming as well as the consequences of it, but this possibly canít be true. Automation with advanced deep-rooted machine learning will be used as a way to replace the tasks, thankfully not the jobs. Weíve feared the 4th industrial revolution long enough, but itís time we gear our focus towards automating our life and our environment.
Weíve stepped into the era known for its innovation and technological advancement. The speed at which the tech revolution is surging is unstoppable, which makes it necessary for us to set our pace aligned with it. We must upgrade ourselves and use the machines and AI to our advantage. The key here is to integrate the AI tools and applications into our lives.

From automating business campaigns to ordering groceries through voice input, AI tools have reduced the extent of manual effort while expanding the horizon of opportunities. While every industry receives its share of the AI tools each day, here are seven must-have artificial intelligence apps and tools to tailor your life with swift and sophisticated technology.

1. Amazon Alexa

Alexa and Echo came out as the products of computer voice and conversational system from the tech giant Amazon in 2014. Thanks to the leveraging AI, Amazon decided to set Alexa out as a personal virtual assistant that automates tasks based on voice command.

Its main features include voice response, music playback, crafting to-do lists, playing audiobooks, setting alarms and reminders, real-time news and weather reporting. Moreover, it also serves as a home automation device that connects with other gadgets with the Internet of Things (IoT) functions. Alexa also comes in the app form (iOS and Android) to make your tasks easier than ever.

2. Cortana

Itís ok if you canít have Alexa operating around your house; you can use Cortana instead. Cortana is yet another virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows-operated platforms and devices. Need to set reminders? Let Cortana do it for you. Have a question? Let Cortana search it on the Bing database for you.

Due to the scaled-up machine learning, Cortana recognizes natural voice without having to use a keyboard. However, itís popularity has expanded its reach to both iOS and Android platforms. Having an integrated virtual assistant is more than necessary these days!

3. Socratic

Socratic is an all-rounder AI-driven virtual teacher and a homework app. In 2017, it won the award for the best AI product in education. But how does it responds to the homework requirements of millions of students across the globe? Simple. This advanced educational tool digs into algorithms related to student question databases to interpret their needs.

The content is designed to provide optimum information in the form of bits and chunks, so the students find it easy to digest and retain. Moreover, it keeps learning from the community Ė where teachers and students connect Ė to make learning a seamless and enjoyable process. Socratic covers all types of subjects for all kinds of learners and can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

4. Grammarly

Another tool of immense importance is Grammarly. Itís a free writing app that allows you to polish your writing skills. The aim of this AI tool is to make writing an effective and succinct practice by correcting all grammatical errors. It is equipped with advanced grammar rules, a contextual spell checker, and a plagiarism tracker.

Whether you download a desktop version or integrate a plugin, Grammarly aptly points out the critical mistakes along with several fascinating features for checking and detecting errors. You can use the Grammarly free-version for limitless checks with limited features. However, you can purchase a premium plan to eliminate all the writing errors.

5. Mathieu

Specifically a math learning software by Carnegie Learning, Mathieu offers personalized math courses for college students. This AI-based tool allows the students to learn anywhere and from any device. The key features include adaptive feedback, progressive visualization, predictive reporting, leadership Intel, and live facilitation.

Mathieu helps fill the gaps in student knowledge and provide real-time guidance that works for them. Overall, this AI math tutor helps students properly assess the aptitude and devises problem-solving lessons.

6. SwiftKey Keyboard

Canít think of the next word to type? Allow SwiftKey to make the words come out easier and faster. This virtual keyboard is a blend of artificial intelligence technologies to predict the next word on the keyboard. Moreover, the words you use are added to the database that expands its learning and word choice, basing the predictions on the text youíve used before. And thereís also an autocorrect feature to make your texting better and clearer.
Though initiated in 2010, this AI-integrated keyboard was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. For now, it operates on mobile-based platforms, i.e. iOS and Android, with upgraded versions swinging back and forth in the market.

7. Nudge

Nudge is an AI tool for all those business personnel who want to generate revenue by building an efficient relationship with its customers. Nudge Analytics helps you identify the weak links in your relationship with your customers and measure the impact of your related activities. It will identify single-threaded accounts to let you coach your business team on how to build productive relationships.

Nudge also allows you to personalize your preferences and gather all your contacts in one place with smart app integration. From driving sales insights to network management, Nudge covers all your business prospects like no other.

Is AI Ever Going To Draw The Line?

AI has waged a war on contemporary life. The war is against the frustration and irritation that hover us all the time. Will it dominate us or are we dominating it?

With this article, we have intended to shed light on the AI-driven apps and tools that have surpassed the barriers and constraints of complexity in our daily tasks. The whole idea of making machines smart revolves around the simplification of human life, with many other benefits. There used to be a time when human life was seen separate from the robots, but now, itís evident that weíre ready to make these AI apps and tools an essential and seamless part of our life.

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Posted on April 18, 2019       


Gomax Sports, May 6, 2019    

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