Recruitment Process

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Key requirements and desired attributes

FLP Recruitment Process

Step 1: Online application
We ask you to apply via our website at

Step 2: Video Interview
If your online application is successful, youŽll be asked to attend a video interview. Taking place at a time and location convenient to you, this will focus on your personal experience and motivation to join BP and the FLP. Following your invitation you will have five days to complete the video interview which takes about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Telephone Competency Interview
If you are successful during the video interview, weŽll invite you to a competency based interview aligned to our values and behaviours. This step takes about an hour and will also give you an opportunity to find out more about the Programme. We will also explain the next steps and timescales

Step 4: Technical Case Study Telephone Interview
At this stage we are looking to understand more about your technical experience within the distinct capability you have applied to within the Programme. We will ask you about your motivation for the Programme and the distinct capability, assess your current knowledge and ask you to work through a real business case study. You will also have to the opportunity to understand the position you have applied for to in more detail

Step 5: Assessment Centre
The final stage of the FLP recruitment process is an Assesment Centre, held in the country of the role you have applied to. The Assessment Centre is made up of several interviews and exercises and also gives you the opportunity to meet senior members of the BP team and FLPs already on the programme.

Top application and interview tips from our FLPsŽ:

"IŽd recommend (beyond the basic pre-application research for any potential job) that you dig deep into our core values and understand what they mean, and how they could be implemented. For the interviews/case studies this was invaluable."

Victor Berrizbeitia, Marketing Co-ordinator, Chicago
"Devote a lot of time to learning the techniques for dealing with case studies, find people to run through case studies with you and use case study websites."

Pius Enigheno, Projects Engineer, UK
"My tip would be to familiarize yourself with the HireVue video interview process as much as possible, and really try to avoid letting the format throw you off."

James Kruse, Strategy Coordinator, Chicago
"For the first step in the interview it is very good to have a convincing answer to the following three questions: (1) Why BP? (I echo the comments on our core company values, make sure you know them and are able to give examples how your own behaviour fits with them) (2) Why the MBA (or other relevant qualification) and how it shaped my perspective on what I want to achieve in the long-term (3) Why are BP and I a good match?"

Sabrina Armgart, Strategy & Marketing Advisor, Germany


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